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Print your photos, please!

 The Importance of print your photos,

Now a days we are so used to have our photos on mobile, computer, USB, hard drives, but it's not enough, it's not for a long period, you know why?

Valletta Pre Wedding - Leticia & Paulo

I love meet people all over the world, but I have to say that meeting people from Brazil warms my heart!

Red in the city

Jaana literately stooped Valletta, she is a beautiful woman, very kind and polite from Finland.
She was on her second holiday to Malta and decided to do some photos in Valletta our the Capital City. Every corner that we stopped for the photos, the people came also to take a selfie and say nice things about her amazing outfit and of course about her own beauty!

It was a different and such special photoshoot!

Honeymoon in Valletta

Kaitylinn and Patrick come all the way from Washington to spend some day around Europe. They got married last summer and decided that Malta was special for a nice couple photoshoot.

I was happy to meet such a lovely and kind couple on the day before Christmas, surely was a gift for me.

Location: Valletta

Love in Gozo

Amit contact me to photograph him and his beautiful wife in Gozo, unfortunately the day wasn't what they had in mind but the photos came amazing and their connection made everything bright!

Wedding Anniversary in Malta

Jessica contact me saying that her and her husband would come from the USA for a holiday and that they didn't have wedding photos. So to celebrate their holiday and many years together, they decided to do photos with me.

We had a lovely morning, with loads of laugh and of course the results wouldn't be more special and beautiful then this one!

Pre Wedding in Dingli Cliffs - Bruna & Raphael

Sonja & Filippos - Wedding in Valletta

Amy and Adam's wedding

Sunset to remember