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Elopement in Malta - Mardi and Shalli

Elopement in Malta

Eloping in Malta can be a dreamy and romantic experience. With its stunning Mediterranean landscapes, historic architecture, and beautiful coastal views, Malta offers a picturesque backdrop for exchanging vows in an intimate setting.

Malta Marriage Proposal


Marriage proposal malta

Crafting a memorable marriage proposal in Malta, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and romantic ambience, can be a truly magical experience. Here's a suggested plan for your proposal:

Domus Zamittello Wedding - Valletta Wedding - Eve & Mike

Bachelorette Photoshoot in Valletta

 Celebrating Bachelorette in Malta. 

What is more fun than celebrating the start of something amazing with your girlfriends?

All these beautiful girls came all the way from Portugal to celebrate their friend's upcoming wedding.

I had so much fun photographing them that time flew. 

An amazing and unforgettable experience before the big day.

Marriage Proposal - Surprise Proposal in Malta - James and Molly

Marriage Proposal Malta


Solo Travel in Valletta - Beautiful Raquel

Valletta photo session

Malta - Valletta - Family Photoshoot

 It was a nice afternoon with Janice and her family from Gather + Go Travel
We had so much fun around Valletta and you see how amazing it was.

Wedding Palazzo Falson - Mdina - Laura and Mishaal

 An amazing intimate wedding at the beautiful Palazzo Falson in the heart of Mdina.
Laura and Mishaal exchanged the vows in a very heartwarming ceremony, celebrated by Julijane.

The day started with a big storm, but love made everything beautiful and worth it.

Engagement Session in Valletta


Olive Gardens Wedding - Richel and Lloyd


Richel and Lloyd decided to celebrate their love in Malta gathering their families and friends from UK.
It was a hot summer day, but their celebration was beautiful as it should be.