Torri Il Ahmar - Pre Wedding at Saint Agatha's Saint Agatha's Tower (Red Tower)

Kristina and Kenneth choose the beautiful Saint Agatha's tower for their pre wedding photoshoot. 

Their wish was a sunny day and after a few attempts we woke up with an amazing day. Till the shooting time, suddenly the weather changed and we got a overcasting scenario and a bit of rain.

Even not being the 'perfect' sunny day, at the end they enjoyed the session, we had so much fun, specially with Kilo brightening up all the photos. 

The results are bellow and it just confirmed what I always tell my clients. Even on a cloud day, what is most important is what I can capture through my lens, that is the love, confidence and the beautiful souls I shoot.

Suprise Proposal in Valletta

I simple love when one of my clients wants to propose during the shooting. I get butterflies in my belly.

Usually I agree a time during the shooting for it to happen, so me and the client are prepared. I also suggest some things, like pose or location, like this is easy to get everything in the right moment.

This time Mark wants to propose to Lily after saying how special she is for him, and I loved the idea that he simple opened his heart and said everything and I was as far as possible to let the moment be only for both of them, like wasn't there. 

It was beautiful! 

Thank you Mark for letting me register this moment with sweet Lily.