Malta Lightroom Presets

One of my main goal in life as a photographer, is to make sure every single person has the best pictures. It includes them taken by me or not.

Thinking about that I decided to creat a Mobile Lightroom Presets inspired in our beautiful island.

In one click you will have great edited images.

For it you need to install the Lightroom app on your mobile, download the link bellow with the files and follow me on Instagram to be able to install and use the presets as much as you wish.

I really hope you enjoy it, please use the #danicassarphotography for me to see and repost your photos! I would love to see!

Wedding in Malta - Anita & Carine

Wedding in Valletta
I photographed Anita and Carine's wedding just a day before everyone went on lock down because of Covid-19.