Surprise Proposal in Valletta - Biannca and Rafa


 Being a photographer is great as I have many stories to tell, but this one is by far my favorite!

I went to photograph Biannca and Rafa last year during springtime. 

Everything was great and according to my plan😅, when suddenly Rafa gets the ring box and goes on his knees. At that time I shoot as fast as I could and also ran like I was chased by a monster to get there in time for the reaction. Luckily I did! lol

Biannca's mum who was there to help her with the things was worried that something not so good had happened since I ran that way. 

It was the most iconic proposal I ever did and I doubt will have that again. 

You can see the amazing photos of this special photoshoot below. 💓


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